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Our Tutors  チューター紹介

Our tutors are experts in their fields.  They know and understand the challenges you’re most likely to face, so can suggest the best and most effective ways to help you overcome them.  Tutors Cloud obtains a sufficient recommendation or reference from the tutor's University Professor, an Associate Professor, a High School Principal, or a former boss to understand their performance, their work ethic, their attendance, their attitude and other criteria that are important to your student when making a decision on whom to offer the work to.



Here are some of our tutors and their specialist subject areas. Select a tutor to read more about their experience and qualifications. それでは、チューターのプロフィールを少しご紹介します。

Mackenzie: University of Dalaware, Teacher - Math, Essay Writing

Suvtlin: University of Tokyo, Research Student - Dept. of Architecture

Biruk: University of Tokyo, Research Student - Concrete Engineering

Tommaso: Meiji University, Junior Researcher, Ph.D. candidate specialized in Applied Mathmatics

Eiyeon - Waseda University, Junior, Majoring in Global Political Economy, Graduated from St. Mary's International School,  Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club instructor

Bharat - Waseda University, Junior, Majoring in Political Science and Economics 

Ujjiwal - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Junior, Mechanical Intelligent System Engineering

Ray - Waseda University, Junior, Majoring in International Liberal Arts, Graduated from St. Mary's International School